Great Video With An iPhone?

May 28, 2016

Anyone knows, when filming a live event with limited crew, it’s usually not in your best interest to keep switching rigs / setups a lot.

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Illuminate Light Leaks = Killer Bundle!

May 4, 2016

RocketStock’s Illuminate package is Killer! You get 120 4k light leaks and transitions that are just beautiful and flow so well.

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Using Adobe Mobile Apps Together

April 27, 2016

I was able to shoot / take stills, edit, color correct, design and make this blog post (via Squarespace), all without touching a laptop, desktop or DSLR.

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918 Factory, MMA & BJJ

January 24, 2016

918 Factory is little spot with some humble but talented grapplers and fighters. BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is a technical sport to begin with.

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Music Video: Young Verse – Carlton Rap

December 29, 2015

Who doesn’t love The Carlton? A 4k music video, generating over 400,000 views in just two days, done in two takes!

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Using Templates To Your Advantage

November 15, 2015

Often we get clients that want a solid piece with a limited budget. While this might not be an ideal situation if you love to design..

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